Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pourquoi? Parce que....nous aime COLOR, so what!

Color is a very important part of life. I mean, honestly, Pantone dedicates a whole team to determining “thee ‘it’ color” of each year and season. Aqua, Seagreen, Pansy Pink, Regal Purple, Grey Lavender -- the list goes on of Fun colors to choose from! 

But, Fun colors are not just for your wardrobe anymore! In case you hadn’t noticed....News Flash: They’re also for your hair! 

From Nicki Minaj

to Kelly Osbourne

to Kelis
to that cool girl in your History class, or that fun-loving chick you saw in the grocery store, or, even, 

Dennis Rodman! 
Fun hair colors are what’s happening, and I’ll show you how to rock them!
As someone who used to sport blonde, pink, and purple locks, PLEASE learn from my mistakes, and allow me to assist you in your colorful endeavors! 

First things first, if you have the cajones to get the vibrant color in the first place, then have the cajones to rock it the way it was meant to be rocked! Now, that doesn’t mean go too over the top, but, also, do not try to tone it down too much. 

Once, after trying to look less “out there” for what I perceived as a sophisticated event, I had a former model say to me, “You’ve got fun hair, so have a fun look. Throw on some big earrings, and cool eyeliner!”. I was stunned with both disappointment and excitement, for the advise she’d given had been my everyday look that I had decided to tone down for this specific event. Do not make that mistake of changing yourself completely. Instead, while remaining true to who you are, alter what little is necessary in order to look appropriate for whatever the occasion.

Also, if you’re going to go the colorful hair route, make sure you keep the color on point, and do something to it when you go out. Please do not just leave it matted, or allow the color to look as though it has faded. If you do not have time for the upkeep, do not do it!

Now, let’s get into the knitty-gritty of how to wear your new funky 'do!
It seems like curls, or at least a slight bump, or a cute bun or ponytail are key to rocking your Fun color choice!

* Green dip-dyed ends with small wave-ringlets, aviators, camo jacket

* Show off that color, and throw it in a bun, along with a subtle bright lip (oxymoron, I know), and dark eye makeup

* Tight small ringlets, medium-sized hoops, out-of-the-ordinary lips

* You all want volume, don't you? Business in the front, party in the back! Simple stud earrings, curl hair with flexi-rods and conditioner, take curlers out, then fluff and go!

* Curl the top and fling it back, or put in it a high pony and let it swing!

* A cool loose french braid, free side pieces, and fun eye makeup to match!

* Beach waves, cool shades, black crop top, metallic gold high-waisted shorts, leopard faux fur jacket, knee-high spandex socks, and sky-high platforms! (This girl knows how to do it!)

But, wait! You do not have to travel the color route alone! Grab a friend, and hit the Color Bar at your local beautician!

                                                             ~SimonYoung, the FashionTherapist

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