Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY: How to make your own skater skirt!


As winter is slowly coming to an end here in SoCal, we need to start taking a look at trending skirts! My personal favorite is the skater style skirt, which I am sure you all must be already seeing in stores and on the streets. These skirts are really fun and flirty and in the right color/print it can be perfect for Spring 2013!

ASOS Skater Skirt in Galaxy Print

ASOS Mini Skirt in Texture

I came across instructions on how to make a mini skater style skirt without a pattern which was perfect for me because I do know how to sew but i did not have a skater skirt pattern.

To begin you need:
-1.5 yards of 50" fabric
-fabric scissors
-measuring tape
-9" zipper
-thread matching fabric
-marking pen/marker
-sewing machine

So to start of it is really important you have the right size fabric. The fabric I used measured 50 in. (warp) and if you'd like to make a longer skirt you would need wider fabric.

You need to iron out the fabric to make sure it is even on all sides. The first step is to identify the selvages on the fabric. The selvages on the blue fabric below are the thick black lines on the sides.

Then you need to match up the selvages and fold the fabric in half like a hot dog

Next, you bring the top half down and fold it, still making sure selvages are matched up. You should try getting an even square so cut away the fabric you wont be needing

Now you're ready to start cutting! The red dashes is the length of the circle you'll be cutting out for your waist. It should be the radius of your waist. The length between the cut of your waist and the hem should be the desired length with the hem allowance already included. In order to make an even skirt you need to use your measuring tape to make sure you cut evenly all around.

  Once it is cut out, you will end up with a piece that looks like a huge donut. after this, cut a slit into the fabric long enough for the zipper. Before you put the zipper in, hem the waist. I chose to make a waistband cut out of the same fabric and added lightweight interfacing for support.

After the zipper you need to finish the hem.  What i did was just fold up the hem and stitch. It was difficult because it was a round hem but it was the fastest way i could think of!

This is the finished project. It took me a handful of hours but it takes practice!- R.G.

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