Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leggings here! Leggings there! LEGGINGS EVERYWHERE!

Do you wear jeans everyday? Are tight pants with no space to breath holding you back? Ever have those days when you want to slip into something loose and comfortable, but still CUTE, that you can actually move in? Are you looking to add a more eccentric vibe to your wardrobe? Well, fret no more, honey, because leggings are to the rescue!

Leggings are all the rage right now! They have made drastic progression, and gone from basic black, white, and grey, to shiny nylon leggings in fun, bright colors, and even two-sided leggings. They also have cool ones that are high-waisted if you’re a little modest about that tummy! BUT, now we’ve also been blessed with tons of new cool prints and patterns! Oh, the joy!

So, with all of these leggings in tow, including ones with sheer or mesh panels to ones with suspenders, there's a MULTITUDE to choose from! But, the question is, can you pull off the coolest ones, or should I say, pull on?!

Try some of these ideas:

* Mesh and Floral
If you're bold enough to try these, throw on a pair cute black heels, a black crop top, a silver metallic jacket, and a simple purse that ties it all together!

* Galaxy-Suspenders
These leggings are a statement all on their own, so pair them a simple top and heels, throw a few accessories, and hit the town!

* Two-Sided
You don't have to double-think these double-sided leggings, just complete the ensemble with your favorite black or pink heels, and an asymmetrical metallic top!

* Metallic Silver
If you prefer the simpler things in life, try these with silver heels, a sexy black top, and a staple necklace!

So, go out and grab yourself the perfect pair, slip into them, and TURN heads, if you dare!

                                                                     ~SimonYoung, the FashionTherapist

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