Monday, April 22, 2013

Fabulous at every age

Fabulous at every age

First and foremost, style is about inner confidence. If you are 50 and dare to wear a mini. more power to you. If you tend to turn err on the safe side but still like to be in the fashion game, there are plenty of interesting and chic options, out there for you, no matter what your age. Form "anything goes" in your 20s to toned-down hues and sculpted cuts in your 40s to luxe fabrics in your 70s, find out what's best for you and you will always look and feel poised in your clothes.

What to consider when dressing for your age.


Youth. Being under 30 allows you to get away with a lot when it comes to dressing.
 1. Pick a fun frock.
 2. Try a top with personality 
 3. When it comes to skirts, think sweet or sexy
 4. Experiment with jackets and coats.

A honed sense of style leads to sophistication, but do not put your risk-taking days behind.

    1.go for a dress in a new silhouette
    2.your shirt should have an edge. out skirts with style. off your look with something striking.


It is important to look smart and conservative, but that does not have to mean buttoned up.
 1. Find a refined frock. 
 2. Opt for a subdued yet modern top.
 3. Stick to find and feminine skirts.
 4. Consider a well-constructed jacket cut.
50s over 

Now is the time to embrace traditional elegance with uptown appeal. Leave the latest trends by the wayside. 
 1. Dress up in classic colors
 2. Look for ladylike tops.
 3. Keep your skirt simple or luxe it up.
 4. Start with a clean-cut jacket.

20s there are no boundaries for twenty somethings when it comes to fashion.
30s more pulled-together, serious looks are what your 30s are about, but you do not have to be a total square. 
40s classic silhouettes and colors may start to dominate your wardrobe, but each piece should be full of personality.
50s refined, tasteful choices are the foundations of age-appropriate dressing.    


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