Friday, February 15, 2013

Print of the Week: ARMY, CAMO, FATIGUE. Call it what you want, but no matter what you call it, you've got to call it HOT!

Army print garments appear to be all the rage right now. We're seeing wearing in it, classmates, and popular fashion bloggers who we'd secretly like to dress more like! Everyone else looks cute when they wear it-- well, for the most part-- but where do they get such great ideas, how could you pull it off?!

Ready to get in touch with your inner military gal, but unsure of which route to take to win the battle? Well, fret not, it's the Fashion Guru to the rescue!

* ARMY SWEATER: You like trendy, but not too trendy-- you like to subtly spice it up!
paired with a bright scarf, jet black jeans, black sneakers with gold studs, a skinny belt, a small burgundy purse, and accessories! (

* CAMO JACKET: You like the sexy tomboy look, you also like to get with heels sometimes!
paired with a retro band t-shirt, jet black jeans, bright sneakers, and a pair of badass shades (
paired with studded denim shorts, a solid bright crop top, and over-the-knee leather heeled boots! (Kaylin Garcia and Joe Budden)

* FATIGUE T-SHIRT: You enjoy the simplicity of life, and don't like trying to hard!
paired with black zig-zag shredded pants, bright sneakers, and fiery red lips ;)! (
paired with a loose long-sleeved creme-ish top, black Dr. Marten's, and indubitable confidence! ( 

* ARMY VEST: You're just going out with your girlfriends, but you still want to look cute; you never know who could be watching ;)!
paired with a black crop top, black leggings, black over-the-knee lace-up boots, a cute bag, and accessories!! (

Are you bold enough to wear two prints?
CAMO jacket paired with black/white vertically striped leggings, a black scarf, a black purse, hot pink lips, gold hoops earrings, a gold watch, and big curly hair! ( 

Are you bold enough to wear bright colors?
CAMO pants with a 3-button side closure right above the hem, paired with captivatingly attention-grabbing, bright heels!! (

~Simone Young

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